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For many hardworking Canadians, employment in the trades provides the security, skills, and salary needed to support their families and succeed as working members of society. Highly trained with qualified transferable skills, these workers are experienced and prepared to take on any challenge made available to them. Their work helps to build the backbone of Canada’s economic infrastructure, from hospitals and highways to pipelines and wind turbines. 

Canada’s tradespeople are among the best in the world, with the highest regard for safety and environmental standards. Canada’s pipeline workers are no exception. No one takes safety more seriously than the men and women working to ensure pipelines are built right – for the environment, the land, and for public safety. The protection of people, property, and the environment are top priorities for these workers. This is reflected in the training and hands-on experience pipeline workers need to get before they are qualified to work in the field. Coordinated training programs between the provinces, labour organizations and First Nations emphasize best practices in safety and environmental protection. These training programs actively engage local communities and work closely with Canada’s indigenous peoples.

It’s these skilled Canadian workers that are at a disadvantage as a result of inaction in the development of Canada’s pipeline infrastructure. Canadians benefit from the stable work made available in the construction, operation and management of Canada’s pipeline projects. At a time when unemployment in the energy sector is high and continuing to rise across Canada, it is vital that action is taken to ensure that these Canadian workers are given the support they need to raise their families in good middle-class homes in good, healthy communities.

These workers are proud to build Canada’s energy infrastructure, knowing that their work allows the safe transport of oil to millions of Canadians that rely on it each and every day – not just to fuel their cars, but also to continue using countless household products that ae made of petroleum derivatives. Building pipelines means building a greener, more prosperous Canada. The operating engineers that work on these pipelines aim to build right, build safe and build to last. They are eager and ready to work.

You can show your support for Canada’s pipeline workers by joining our #Ready2Work campaign through our website below. These hard-working Canadians cannot afford to wait any longer.