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Our Locals and Members

Our members are the core of our Local Unions – highly skilled professionals who expect to earn decent wages and benefits for hard work and a commitment to getting the job done right. Many of us at the journey level have devoted significant portions of our lives to learning the trade, staying current with technology, and honing our skills to become the best operating engineers and stationary engineers we can be in the construction and stationary fields.

For the most part, our Local Unions are divided into three broad categories serving a geographical area:

  • H&P Locals (Hoisting and Portable also known as Heavy Equipment Operators or Operating Engineers)
  • Stationary Engineer Locals (Building, Facility and Petro-Chemical Stationary Engineers)
  • Mixed Locals (Both Operating Engineers and Stationary Engineers)  

Waters School in Chicago There are, however, a number of exceptions. For example, a local union may serve an employer rather than an area, such as the Chicago Public Schools System.



Our Local Unions

Investments in training is what keep our Local Unions and our members at the forefront of their industries. For example, the construction of a new indoor training arena at Local 542's site in Bernville, PA is an investment in the future of its growing membership. Watch the timelapse below of this new training facility that opened in April 2024.




Our Members

Tom Gordon, a crane operator and Local 14 member, was featured on The New York Times website.

In a Crane at 1,100 Feet, There Is No Room for Error (The New York Times, May 21, 2012) by Todd Heisler with photos by Charles V. Bagli, and video by Erik Olsen and Charles Bagli

"Mr. Gordon is among an elite cadre who operate the roughly 200 cranes that swing across the Manhattan skyline in full public view, but few do their work at the height or the scrutiny that accompanies his work."

“You’re always trying to control the load, make sure it’s being moved around safely,” Mr. Gordon, 45, said. “New York City’s a little different than anywhere else. As you can see, it’s congested. You’ve got buildings everywhere. Cars everywhere.”

Click here to read the story.

Sky-high crane operator watches post-recession Washington come back to life

Tim Reese, a crane operator and Local 77 member, was featured on the Washington Post website.

“After going more than a year without work because of the recession and the hit it took on construction, he’s back at work. 'Suddenly, there are cranes all over the place again,' says Reese. 'It’s always beautiful. Almost every day, you can see the sun march up the horizon as the seasons change. I’m glad to be up here. Hell, I’m glad to be working.'" 

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