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Great Jobs

Great jobs for the right people that is. How would you like to be hundreds of feet in the air operating a tower crane? Or maybe the ability to move 10 tons of dirt with a flick of your finger sounds like fun. Maybe you would prefer to be on the inside using computers to regulate all the systems of a high-rise building, a sports complex or other facility.

All this and much more is the work of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE). And because we’re a union, you can be sure you’ll have the most up-to-date training to help you become the safest, most skilled and most productive employee you can be. In return, you can expect to have dignity in the workplace along with proper compensation and benefits such as health care and a pension.  

Members of the IUOE in the United States and Canada work in two broad job classifications:  Operating Engineers who work in industries such as highway and building construction, mining and logging, pipeline construction and utility work such as water and sewer excavation, and Stationary Engineers who operate, maintain, renovate and repair all mechanical systems within a given facility.

Stationary Engineers are employed in schools, hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings, airports, power plants, industrial plants, office buildings, government facilities and other workplaces.

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