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General Information

National Training Fund Reporting Forms

Contribution Remittance forms are not mailed out.  They can be filled out electronically on our website but need to be printed, signed and mailed in along with a check. You can also print and manually enter the information on the forms.  NTF contributions only, should be submitted and sent in with these forms

Contributions are to be made monthly by the employer, and are to be received by the National Training Fund by the 15th day of the month following the month in which work under the Collective Bargaining Agreement was performed.  Contributions, along with the completed Remittance Report, are to be submitted to the following address:

IUOE National Training Fund
Lockbox 791782
Baltimore, MD 21279-1782

Address Changes

To notify the Fund of a new address, please submit the address change on company letterhead.  The notification should be mailed and/or included with your monthly report.