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IUOE Canada

Two Nations, One Union

The IUOE is truly an international organization with more than 50,000 brothers and sisters located in Canada.  Working with the same pride and determination as their fellow members in the U.S., our Canadian members are counted among the safest, most productive, and highly skilled craft workers in the country, contributing to a strong and vibrant Canadian economy.  At the same time, IUOE members in Canada play an important role in helping to maintain and promote solidarity as we join together as one union to reap the benefits and pride in our united cause.

Founded in 1896, the IUOE today has approximately 400,000 members in 123 local unions throughout North America.  From ensuring protections of prevailing wages on public projects, to alleviating healthcare costs through coalition building, to improving our contractors’ competitiveness, IUOE has and will continue to be tirelessly dedicated to the common interests of our members.  The IUOE is also a member of the AFL-CIO and the Canadian Labour Congress.

Canadian Regional Office
350 Sparks Street, Suite 1102
Ottawa, ON  K1R 7S8
PH: 613-567-5544
FX: 613-567-5577