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2016 Lawyers Conference

The following were presented at the 2016 Lawyers Conference:

War Against Public Employees        Judy Rivlin 
Form 5500 Revision       Joyce Mader
Payment Bonds       Richard Hop 
IUOE's Lawsuits Challenging State RIght to Work Laws        Zoe Palitz 
Bankruptcy and Withdrawal Liability        Fred Perillo 
Defending and Prevailing in Attacks Against the IUOE
      Brian A. Powers 
Insurance Coverage Playbook for Unions in the 21st Century        Jerold Oshinsky and Chet Kronenberg 
NLRB Statement of Position on Clearing-In Allegation        Brian A. Powers and Debra Virk 
Thoughts on the Verification of US Labor Law and Employment Law        Craig Becker