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Why Join IUOE

There are a whole lot of good reasons to join the IUOE, but the best one is for yourself. As an IUOE member you will have dignity and respect on the job. 

In addition:

  • You can expect superior wages and benefits, including health insurance and a pension, compared to those offered by non-union contractors and companies.
  • You will have representation in all your job-related interests.
  • You have a say in your contract. Before negotiating with management, all members effected by the contract have an opportunity to say what they want discussed in terms of wages and wage increases, benefits and working conditions. After negotiations, all workers effected by the proposed contract vote to accept or reject it.
  • You can take full advantage of the best training available in the trade. There are over one-hundred IUOE training centers across the United States and Canada. In most cases, IUOE members pay nothing for training.
  • You are automatically eligible for all UnionPlus program benefits.

"Being an IUOE Local 39 member benefits not only myself, but my entire family in a variety of ways.  It is a wonderful benefit to have full coverage health, dental, vision and prescription coverage all covered through the Union.

The Local 39 health insurance program offers a variety of choices for medical care.  We have opted for the Blue Cross PPO insurance.  We have no co-pay, wonderful doctors and an efficient health care system at our fingertips.  With very active teenage children, we have utilized a variety of services through our health care and everything has been covered, from specialized medicine and emergency room visits to our regularly scheduled annual appointments.

The dental benefits available through the Local 39 are also outstanding.  We have Delta Dental and our provider is amazing.  Our benefits cover all of our routine care and they cover a higher percentage of our non-routine dental needs.  You have the option of choosing a number of different plans through the Union, some of which even cover orthodontic care.

The pension plan is by far the most amazing aspect of Local 39 membership.  The ability to relax knowing that retirement is taken care of really eases your worries about the future.  The 100% employer contribution is a huge benefit for our family, this way we can focus on getting our 6 kids through college and then finalize our retirement plans.  The annuity is such a wonderful bonus, it’s the icing on the cake." – Jerry Simko, Local 39



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Washington, DC 20036
202 429-9100

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