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Joe Biden Stands With Operating Engineers

Joe Biden respects working people and members of the Operating Engineers. Biden opposes right-to-work, supports Davis-Bacon prevailing wages, and will reform labor law to level the playing field for all workers.
The IUOE recommends Joe Biden for President of the United States of America.

Hear what Joe Biden said to Operating Engineers when he visted the Local 66 training center in the video below.

Trump's War on Labor

Over the last four years, Donald Trump has launched a constant war on unions. He supports Right to Work and put the deciding vote on the Supreme Court in the Janus decision that brought Right to Work to the public sector. Trump has reduced OSHA inspections and appointed a National Labor Relations Board that is full of union-busters. They even took away a union's right to negotiate COVID-19 safety measures. He has also attacked union leaders saying that union dues should be reduced and called employees at the VA sadistic thieves.

Could Right to Work become a national law? That is the promise that is being made by the National Right to Work (RTW) Committee in a series of print ads running in Alabama.  READ MORE HERE

What's at stake for Operating Engineers in 2020?

Instead of passing the Heroes Act and helping workers hurt by the Covid-19 economy, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has other priorities.  He wants the U.S. Senate to weaken Davis-Bacon prevailing wage laws and pass so called “right-to-work.”

He also dismissed the idea of a large investments to rebuild American infrastructure, provide middle-class tax relief, and make voting in the November election safer and more secure.  His response says it all:

“For goodness sake, I’ve got a list, too,” McConnell said, rattling off his priorities, even as he resisted promising a Senate GOP version of a fourth coronavirus relief bill, should the House pass a package once Congress reconvenes.

“How about national right to work? How about Davis-Bacon reform? How about ending junk lawsuits against doctors and hospitals? You get the drift,” McConnell continued. “We both have agendas we’d like to see pass — and can’t pass in this current environment.”  Source: Washington Post 4/1/20

Let’s stop Mitch McConnell from fulfilling his shopping list.  Make a plan to vote by November 3.

What does Davis-Bacon “reform” really mean?

The 2020 Republican Party platform continues to oppose Davis-Bacon prevailing wages. Despite making repeated requests of President Trump to publicly express his support for Davis-Bacon, contrary to the stated policy of the platform, he has been unwilling to do so.  Trump’s platform says:

We renew our call for repeal of the Davis-Bacon law, which limits employment and drives up construction and maintenance costs for the benefit of unions.

Worse than that, Trump appointees have already authored a sneaky plan to slash Davis-Bacon wage rates by as much as 60 percent.  They want to change the way Davis-Bacon wages are surveyed - shifting away from the method used today at the Dept. of Labor to a new approach used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

The new BLS survey method contains no benefits – no contributions to pensions or health care are included in their prevailing-wage calculation. And wages are dramatically lower. Cuts on the check vary from location to location, but, generally, they are 30% lower than current survey levels in most areas.

Click HERE to see how the cuts could affect your wage package