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Local 18 has been serving the needs of Operating Engineers in Ohio and northern Kentucky for over sixty-five years. Except for Mahonning, Columbiana and Trumbull counties, Local 18 covers all of Ohio. Also within the jurisdiction of Local 18 are Boone, Kenton, Campbell and Pendleton counties in Kentucky.

Gaining skills and experience with new equipment is easy and free as a member of Local 18. Through the Ohio Operating Engineers Apprenticeship and Training Fund, you can have access to the equipment and instruction needed to stay employed and improve your quality of life by ensuring your opportunities for employment.    

Local 18’s Richfield Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is centrally located in northern Summit county. The original 8,400 sq. ft. building was renovated in 2001 to include classrooms, lunchroom, and computer lab.  The shop is 6450 sq. ft. that includes two full size work bays and a 10 ton overhead crane. Attached is a 16,000 sq. ft. all-weather training building which can accommodate up to six pieces of equipment simultaneously. This building features carbon monoxide sensors and a large exhaust system.  Paving, directional drill, and grader classes can be taught in this building. Located just outside the all weather building is a permanent concrete forklift testing and training area.  The stone base in the crane area insures that CCO training and testing is always available.  There is another large stone lot on the upper terrace which is exclusively used for class A and B CDL training. The remainder of the 42 acre site is used for earth moving, slope work, and trenching.

Local 18’s Cygnet Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is recognized as one of the top training centers for operating engineers in North America. Built on 160 acres in Southeast Wood County by the Ohio Operating Engineers Apprenticeship and Training Fund, this training center first opened its doors for training in January 2000. The facility consists of a 8,250 sq. ft. building with three classrooms equipped with modern audio-visual equipment, a computer lab, offices for staff and instructors, and a lunch room. Attached is a 6,400 sq. ft. shop with a 10 ton overhead crane covering two large bays. The shop has state-of-the-art hot water heat in the floor supplemented by a waste oil furnace. Connected to the shop is a 16,000 sq. ft. all-weather training building. Equipped with carbon monoxide sensors and exhaust system, the building can support the operation of up to six pieces of construction equipment simultaneously. Paving, grader, and directional boring classes are also held in the building. Outside training areas include a concrete pad with permanent industrial and RT forklift practical tests and a stone pad with cranes setup for all three CCO practical tests. There is also room on the stone pad for CDL class A and B maneuverability training. Nearby is a large, elevated dirt pad used for dozer, backhoe, excavator, loader, and grader training. Dragline and clamshell training is also available on request. Borrow pits and stockpiles are used for scraper and push-cat training.

Local 18’s Logan Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is situated on over 225 acres in the Hocking Hills. The site includes five classrooms equipped with modern audio-visual equipment and satellite Internet access in the computer lab. The shop area is 4,200 sq.ft. with two bays with a jib crane. The shop also includes a welding booth, equipped with exhaust fans to provide fresh air. The 16,000 sq. ft. all-weather building is ideal for adverse weather conditions.
Local 18’s Miamisburg Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is brand new for 2008 and located on over 150 acres in Southwestern Ohio, the new Miamisburg Training Center proudly lays claim to the first 16,000 sq. ft. all weather training building in the United States. The 8,250 sq. ft. main building has three classrooms with audio visual equipment, a conference room and offices for staff and instructors. Attached to the main building is a 6,400 sq. ft. shop with a 10 ton overhead crane for service and repair of the equipment fleet. Like the other training centers, the outside areas include facilities for industrial and rough terrain forklift practical tests and has cranes permanently set up for CCO practical exams. Several large areas are reserved for training in the use of dozers, loaders, backhoes, excavators, scrapers, and graders.

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